The travel and entertainment cards are very useful and helpful if you are a frequent traveler in and outside your state or country. The most popular travel and entertainment cards including the FIFA world cup Mashreq card, American Express, and Carte Blanche, can be used for several purposes other than just travel and entertainment. If we compare the current credit card system with the old scenario, then we see it was completely different in the early days of the travel and entertainment cards in the 1950s. In those days, the utility of the travel and entertainment cards only included paying for your meals, hotel bills, and travel expenses. In Dubai, these cards are often used by big spenders, and it has become a status symbol in Dubai.

Travel and Entertainment card – Functioning

In most cases when you possess a travel and entertainment card, you are supposed to clear your bills within some 30 days from the day you receive the bill from the travel and entertainment companies. Hence, the maximum period granted to a Travel and entertainment cardholder to clear his or her bills is something less than two months, and maybe in some cases, it would be more than 2 months. You are supposed to that much time to make your payments provided you make some credit purchase with a travel and entertainment card just on the day after the billing for that particular month ends. For instance, suppose the credit card company closes all the statements on the last day of every month when a travel and entertainment cardholder makes a credit purchase say on May 1, he or she will not be billed by the company till May 31. In this case, the cardholder is free to make the payment any time before June end. In fact, all credit cards follow the same process the free ride period when they grant the cardholder an extended period to make payments.

Travel and entertainment card – Benefits

Simply speaking, if someone has a travel and entertainment card, it denotes prestige or status to others. In other words, if you want to make your class prominent, then you can avail this card that is a symbol status.  In fact, the travel and entertainment companies spend millions of dollars each year on promotions and this thing urge us to think about that having a credit card or cash or any other credit card; it will not only add to our status but also make us more prominent in our society. However, this cannot be said to be the fact. It is up to you how you make your payments for the expenses means if you have a handsome salary package and you can afford the expenses then you can take the services from any bank.

Travel and entertainment card – Top banks of Dubai

Top banks of Dubai provide different types of Travel and entertainment cards to their clients and here we discuss only the most suitable among all means the Mashreq bank Fifa card for travel and entertainment services. There are few benefits and incentives that are being offered by Mashreq bank. One can visit the website of Mashreq bank for complete details about best credit card offers in UAE.

  1. The Travel and entertainment card by Mashreq bank provide their customers with toll-free 800 numbers to enable them to call up the customer service department with their billing problems anytime. However, sometimes customers have to face a problem having a call but this problem can be resolved after one or more try.
  2. The travel and entertainment card by Mashreq bank provide exclusive services to their customers when they are traveling. The cardholder provides with free lounge facility, air free and hotel or residence facility.
  3. Another advantage of the travel and entertainment credit cards is that they do not have any fixed spending limit. Unlike the bank cards that always come with fixed spending limits for each month, in the case of the Travel and entertainment card, there is no preset limit. You can use the maximum you want to spend. However, it needs to be mentioned here that ‘no spending limit’ does not mean that it is all about unlimited but it gives you maximum even much more than usual credit cards.

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Fifa travel and entertainment card by Mashreq bank provide many benefits in and out of Dubai with maximum spending limit in comparison to other cards.