How Two-Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance Is Beneficial For You?

The most convenient and easiest mode of communication in India is using a two-wheeler. It helps people to reach their destinations easily in the midst of blaring horns and busy traffic. It helps you to easily go through narrow roads and is extra fuel efficient too. But, one the flip side, two-wheelers involve in much more serious accidents than the four-wheelers. The rider can inflict much more damages as it is an open vehicle which is lightweight also. Even a slight skid of the vehicle can cause serious injuries to the driver. Hence, this highlights the importance of getting insurance for your two-wheeler. The insurance acts as a cover of protection over you and your vehicle in cases of unforeseen events and accidents.

Among the various types of insurances available, comprehensive insurance is considered as the best choice for a two-wheeler. Let us take a look at how the two wheeler comprehensive insurance is beneficial for you:

Cover Of Protection To The Damaged Vehicle

In case your vehicle encounters an accident, the expenses needed to repair the damaged vehicle can be a real pain in the neck if you don’t have comprehensive insurance. If you have taken comprehensive insurance, all the expenses related to your vehicle’s repair works and maintenance works will be paid by the insuring company. In case your vehicle got damaged beyond repair, then the insurance company will pay you the IDV (Insured declared value) of the vehicle. This will be the value of the vehicle as on the day before the accident.

Cover Of Protection To An Injured Person

If you meet with an accident while riding your two-wheeler and sustain serious injuries, then your insurance provider will pay for all your medical treatments, cost of medicines and other treatments if any. But, you can only claim these benefits if you have taken comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. Usually, people involved in an accident will be already reeling under the events leading to the accident and the physical as well as mental trauma associated with it. They will also have to deal with the fear of meeting the medical bills in the midst of all these traumas if they have not taken comprehensive insurance.

Cover Of Protection In The Event Of Temporary Disabilities

In case the accident leaves you with injuries that makes you temporarily disabled, like maybe a broken leg or broken hand; there can be a huge medical bill to settle till you are completely healed. If you have taken comprehensive motor insurance, your insurance company will take care of all the expenses related to it.

Cover Of Protection In The Event Of Permanent Disabilities

Sometimes, the accident might be too severe leaving you with permanent disabilities for a lifetime! Life won’t be the same again, and you will have to get adjusted to living with that disability. It will be tough, and it will take time. In such cases, there can be a huge medical bill and related expenses which can leave the person sinking deep in debts if he/she haven’t taken e comprehensive motor insurance. If you have taken it, then you will not have to worry about the expenses. You can devote all your time and energy in picking up your life from the broken pieces and starting over again with confidence and willpower.

In The Event Of Death

In case the person who drives the two-wheeler encounters a fatal accident and dies, it can be a great blow to his/her family and dependents. In cases where the deceased is the one and only breadwinner of the family, the family might struggle to make both ends meet after the untimely death of the person. In such a situation, if the person has taken comprehensive insurance, the insurance company will provide monetary compensation to the dependents of the person who had died in the accident.

Third Party Liability

There can be occasions where you cause an accident to another person and damage his/her property or cause injury to them. There can be even serious accidents, and the other person involved in the accident might unfortunately die. In such cases, if you have taken comprehensive insurance, the insurance company will provide compensation for the loss of their life or property. The company will pay all the medical expenses of the injured person.

Hence, all the above points depict how comprehensive insurance is beneficial for you. Accidents can happen anytime anywhere and to anyone. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Comprehensive insurance helps you to face the storm with a brave heart and not losing all your savings on medical bills or compensation settlements. Hence, if you are planning to get a two-wheeler, get comprehensive insurance also along with it. If you already have a vehicle and still have not got your insurance, wait no more! Get your insurance today and be secured in the protective coverage of comprehensive insurance.