Four Ways to Improve Your Office’s Work Environment

Your workplace culture and environment has a huge impact on your mood, drive and performance. Imagine having to work in a dreary office space with unfriendly people? Feels de-motivating already, right?

Well, your workplace environment not only affects your motivation but it also disrupts your productivity and confidence. Therefore, it is essential to create a productive working environment for your employees, which will eventually affect the overall success of your company.

Here are four ways you can improve your work environment and in turn increase employee engagement.

1: Hire Great Team Members

Successful business owners know for a fact that a good work environment starts by hiring the right people. Hence, it is your responsibility as a leader to hire employees that are professional and team players.

Forcing your top talents to work with toxic co-workers affects their productivity and makes them toxic as well. You certainly don’t want to have an employee with a bad attitude who in turn affects everyone’s performance. Moreover, business owners need to let go of such employees.

Don’t have anyone or anything in your workplace that impacts your work environment negatively.

2: Improve the Lighting

Light fixtures in your office space play a vital role in your employees’ performance and attitude. There have been many research articles that have stated the importance of exposure to natural light. It is said to improve one’s mood and energy, which has a positive impact on their productivity and concentration levels.

However, today’s office spaces have little to no natural light. If it is difficult for you to have natural lighting through windows, there are few other options that you can give further consideration too.

You can make use of blue enriched light bulbs that are known to reduce fatigue and increase happiness and work performance among individuals. We suggest that you make use of such light fixtures in your meeting or break rooms. Make use of warmer tones of lighting to promote calmness and a relaxing environment. Use light fixtures with middle tones in conference rooms for keeping your employees alert.

3: Involve Your Employees in Fun Activities

Many big enterprises promote workplace activities that help boost employee performance and productivity. There are several activities that help in team building while making sure that the employees are having fun.

Sign your employees up to get involved in team building, such as pit stop challenges, popularly known for boosting productivity and team building. There are many event companies in the UK that offer this activity, you can find out more about pit stop challenges by visiting their website.

Apart from this, there are many other indoor team building activities such as talking in circles and scavenger hunts. No matter what you choose to do as an activity, make sure everyone gets to participate and is having fun. Let your employees enjoy healthy competition with each other.

4: Make the Office Comfortable

It is important to have your employees working in a clean and healthy workspace. It has a tremendous effect on employee-manager relationships. Even if there is no sun shining over your office space, as a leader it is your responsibility to make sure that you are providing a relaxing atmosphere to your employees.

Add some comfortable furniture, provide your employees with all the essential tools and software along with the needed amenities, and watch your company’s productivity increase.

Additionally, let your employees have the flexibility of choosing to work where they feel the most comfortable. This includes having comfortable chairs, the freedom of sitting where they want to and whether they want to sit or stand at their work desk.

It is well-observed that employees who consider their office furniture as ‘bad’ are three times more likely to consider their work environment as less productive and two times more likely to be shady and depressed about it.

Allow your employees the freedom to decorate or customise their space the way they want. Business owners can also incorporate flexible working hours and work from home facilities for their employees. Let your employees take breaks, even if they have a busy working schedule (to play games or take walks if necessary).

As their leader, you also need to pay attention to your employees’ mental and physical health. Mental health awareness holds utmost importance at workplaces, especially when there are more than 60 per cent of working individuals suffering from stress and anxiety due to work overload.