Sahir Lodhi Foundation Roshan Hospital

As soon as the news about the Roshan Clinic spread like fire on Twitter, Sahir Lodhi addressed his followers about all the news that had gone viral.

Since it was the most happening thing on social media, we reached out to him through emails to get more information and details about his clinic. Sahir Stated, ‘Roshan Clinic is not just an ordinary clinic. It is a place where the underprivileged are treated free of cost and not only that, they are provided with free medicines as well. It is located in such a place where people in the surroundings are too poor to even afford slippers. A long queue is there every day in the morning outside the clinic where the patients wait to receive their token as the clinic can only entertain a certain number of patients every day and they manage to accommodate 150-200 daily.”

What was more surprising for us was how Sahir Lodhi managed everything. Being a celebrity, it’s definitely not easy to manage such a routine. There were different questions that were raised whether the doctors over there were authentic or not so for that, we used our sources to cross check everything and it turned to be that the doctor was a renowned general physician at Jinnah medical hospital.

We at times fail to understand people and their intentions. We’ve always had a negative mindset for Sahir Lodhi but its not a piece of cake to step forward to serve the humanity. He’s one of those few people who took a stand and helped the poor. Don’t hold back from becoming a part of a good deed and lets make a contribution towards SLF or any similar foundation because kindness is the key to happiness and it can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.