Stay Tension Free and Buy Your Vehicle Insurance Online

Having a vehicle of your own is definitely worth  the excitement and is an achievement that deserves to be celebrated. However, with that enthusiasm, comes the responsibility of making sure your vehicle is secure. The solution to providing this security is to buy insurance. But don’t worry, because now you can get your vehicle insurance online instantly!

Be it buying a new insurance policy or renewing your existing one, it is very important that you are sure about where you are getting it from. While there are multiple insurance companies in the market today, the process of zeroing in on one can be a tedious task. That is where an insurance broker like comes in. Once you sort this part out, getting your insurance is a matter of just a few clicks!

Still worried about tossing out the papers and having faith on the internet? Well, after reading this article, you no longer will be!

Where To Buy Your Insurance From

Nowadays, nearly every insurance company has made it easy for anyone with an internet connection to be able to buy vehicle insurance online. But, you must be wondering… is it really better to ditch the queues and go digital for something as important as insurance? Get ready to find out!

Simplicity and Flexibility

Purchasing insurance online is definitely hassle-free. It does away with having to stand in long lines, getting rushed through the formalities, and going through endless paperwork. Online Insurance means anytime, anywhere, and in any way!


Buying an insurance policy can be worrisome if you are not sure about what you are getting yourself into, especially when the person explaining the plans either doesn’t have the answers or just doesn’t care. However, with an online insurance, you have access to every single detail surrounding coverage, insurance span, policy exclusions, and anything else you wish to know.


Choice is readily available at your fingertips. All you have to do is browse through the available options by filtering your requirements and then comparing the various features to select the policy that suits you the most so that you can take a well informed decision.


When you decide to go online with your insurance plan, not only do you save on travel costs, you also save on a lot of time and effort, both of which can be invested somewhere more fruitful.


The moment you are done with your payment, the soft copy of your policy gets instantly delivered to your e-mail. You can print it out too in case you wish to. The bottom line is that you no longer have to wait for the post to deliver the hard copy of your insurance documents.

Document Simplicity and Security 

With your online insurance policy application, the required KYC documents can directly be uploaded and will not require photocopies. Further, you no longer need to worry about losing your insurance documents because you will have them all backed up online.

Modes of Insurance Premium Payment

Premium is the amount of money paid on a timely basis by you to the insurance company to get coverage for your vehicle. However, while purchasing an insurance policy online, one key factor to take into consideration is the various modes of premium payments. It is essential to understand which one works best for you at the beginning so that you don’t struggle later on.

The various options available to pay premium on a vehicle insurance policy are:

  1. Debit/ Credit Card
  2. EMI option with any Bank’s Credit Card
  3. PayZapp/Paytm
  4. Various Wallets
  5. Cheque Pick Up
  6. Net banking/NEFT Fund Transfer

You can choose the mode that is most convenient to you. Further, if you would like to change your mode of payment later on, that is also possible.

As reliable and trust-worthy as it is, buying vehicle insurance online is not something that should be taken lightly. There are quite a few factors to consider before deciding on the right policy. While there are multiple benefits to going online, finding the starting point can still be a little tricky. However, online portals like can help you handle this process with ease, starting from the selection of the plan that best suits your needs till the final stage of making premium payments. So now that you know how to select your insurance online, all you need to do is make sure that you take the right decision for you and for your vehicle!